Fit for Life Program

Mariposa Physical Therapy Center exists to keep our mountain community Fit For Life.

Living and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle in the mountains can be challenging. From rehabilitation to extreme fitness, from strength to flexibility, Mariposa Physical Therapy Center (MPT) is your trusted choice for physical therapy and fitness programs.

Our Fit For Life program encourages everyone to Be Healthy, Stay Active, and Feel Great. We offer an after-therapy exercise program where graduated patients can utilize our facility to continue their exercise program and receive guidance from the fitness team on a month to month basis. Group exercises classes, led by one of the physical therapists or a certified fitness trainer, are offered to the community. No physician referral is needed to join our group exercise classes.

The Fit For Life mission is to provide and maintain a standard of excellence in service to its members. To provide knowledge and confidence in a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment. We offer safe and effective exercise programs that will seek to improve and educate in the components of health and fitness.

Mariposa Physical Therapy Center strives to improve or maintain the wellness of the individual by motivating and encouraging exercise adherence with fun and appropriate exercises for all ages, activity levels, and unique needs that will help to promote fitness as a lifestyle.

Who benefits from MPT’s Fit For Life Fitness Program?

Everyone can benefit from the Fit For Life fitness program.

This program is not meant to take the place of a medical evaluation or treatment for an injury. For those completing physical therapy, Fit For Life is an excellent choice to continue in your quest for achieving the most out of life.

Get started with improving your fitness today.