Osteoporosis Balance

Osteoporosis (Low Bone Density)

Is there something you can do about it?

Mariposa Physical Therapy Center’s simple and effective program strengthens bone, relieves pain, improves posture and balance and restores some body height. With this method, emphasis is placed on strengthening the back extensors, the deep layer of muscles of the back that hold the body up against the force of gravity.

You will walk taller and look better.

Watch out for exercises that can harm your back.

If your current exercise program includes sit-ups, straight leg raises, toe touches, or knee to chest movements, you are at risk! Research has shown that forward bending (flexion) exercises can cause compression fractures of the spine. Mariposa Physical Therapy Center’s program contains no dangerous flexion movements.

Mariposa Physical Therapy Center will review your medical history and perform a comprehensive evaluation of your movement, posture, strength, and flexibility. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will provide the best care and information needed to help with your exercise program which will aid in the prevention of the damaging effects of Osteoporosis. Depending on your needs, our Doctors of Physical Therapy may also work on your Balance and posture. Improved Balance will help you prevent falls. Posture is important throughout your life (as your mother told you), but it’s especially important if you have or could have Osteoporosis. Poor posture can mean that your upper back is more rounded than it should be. A rounded back puts more pressure on your spine, increasing your risk of spinal fractures.

Mariposa Physical Therapy Center can help you learn and maintain good posture.

After you have completed your course of treatment in physical therapy, you may be appropriate for transition to our group exercise program called Fit For Life. Be sure to ask your Doctor of Physical Therapy for details.