If you are unsure about Mariposa Physical Therapy Center, we want you to feel great about your decision making. Please take the time to read a few stories about past and present clients here in our community. We believe in "word of mouth" when it comes to serving the people of Mariposa. Our clients become our friends.

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I have recommended your facility to others who will require physical therapy shortly. Hope I don't need to come back for future therapy, but if I need to I will see you. Thanks for your help and guidance.

- MC

I was fortunate to have met Tony McLean, PT prior to my surgery for my rotator cuff tear back in 2001. Tony took the time to attend my surgery and talk with my surgeon about the extensive injury and repair. I had a great trust in Tony and knew that he knew exactly what the doctor wanted for me. I have made it back to work, my shoulder is strong, and I thank Oakhurst Physical Therapy for assisting me. Seven years later I returned to Oakhurst Physical Therapy when I hurt my back. I knew I could trust their expertise. Lori McLean, PT identified my back pain as an irritated disc problem and immediately used traction. My pain was relieved by 75% within the first week. Once again I am back to work. I am so happy Oakhurst Physical Therapy is there when I need them.


This is a great group-friendly, good at what they do & Caring. You guys are the Best.

- FF

The staff was very nice & helpful. I would return if I was in need. Thanks for making me feel better.

- DG

With your excellent care, the therapy has been the key ingredient to my quick recovery. Dr. Gill is very pleased. Having Annie there was always a treat for me. I hope to return to your gym program soon.

- MG

Hi Tony and Staff, we miss you. We are in the midst of moving. Never will we get the wonderful and personal service you have given. Love to all.

- MC

In the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in one of my knees during a softball tournament and tore my meniscus cartilage. Immediately after reconstructive surgery of my knee, I started rehabilitation at Oakhurst Physical Therapy. It hurt a lot in the beginning and I had difficulty with my dreams and aspirations of going to a Division 1 university to play softball. Tony McLean, PT started moving my kneecap and bending my knee even before the staples were removed. He would use modalities to help decrease my swelling and improve the muscle contraction. I was on crutches for the first four weeks and in a brace. I worked hard every day on my strength, on my balance, and on my walking skills. My goals and dreams of returning to softball and obtaining a scholarship were my driving force and Tony reminded me of it weekly. I have fond memories of rehab and the energetic staff at Oakhurst Physical Therapy. I am now playing Division 1 softball on a full scholarship and am very pleased with how strong my leg is holding up. I wish to thank Oakhurst Physical Therapy for helping me through my senior year of high school and obtaining my goals.


Betty is 88 years old and a product of not only the Depression, but also World War II, in which women went to the shipyards to help with the war effort. Betty states she is very familiar with the efforts of hard work. She performed hard work all of her life, dedicating herself to her family and to her country. Betty had a passion of being an artist and, when she retired, she was an artist and could enjoy her artwork fully in 1975. However, due to the many years of difficult labor, it seemed that her joints were betraying her and she could not lift her arms above her shoulders and she had difficulty walking. Subsequently, she underwent joint replacements for both of her shoulders and her knees.

Betty states that her doctor sent her to physical therapy to regain her range of motion. This is where she met Tony McLean, PT at Oakhurst Physical Therapy. Betty worked long hours to attempt to regain her range of motion. It seemed hopeless. Her dreams of ever painting again seemed as if they were all behind her now and she had no dreams to look forward to. With the diligent work and effort with Tony massaging, stretching, and regaining her strength, she slowly began to realize that she could have a dream again. This woman, who lived alone, started to enjoy the simple things of putting on her makeup and combing her hair independent of anyone else. The smiles began to return. She started talking about dreams and goals with Tony and offered to paint a watercolor in a sign of appreciation. Two shoulder replacements and two knee replacements have allowed her to produce six large watercolor paintings of Yosemite and its bridges. Betty says thank you for allowing me to have dreams and a purpose in life again. Betty states that she began this journey when she was 81 years old and now at 88 she is so pleased that she can paint again. She states the greatest gift was the ability to dream and have goals and to do what she is passionate about doing, and that is painting. She still lives alone at 88 and she still has joys of getting up early in the morning.


I injured my neck at work carrying heavy boxes up two flights of stairs. I didn't know how serious the problem was until I went to a neurologist, who told me I had stretched my brachial plexus and that I may never get my full strength back. My work is very strenuous. I have to pull heavy propane hoses hundreds of feet. I am the sole bread winner of my family and it was difficult to take time off. When I went to Oakhurst Physical Therapy, Tony McLean, PT instructed me on what a brachial plexus injury was and worked to help decrease my pain, but also gave me awareness of what I could do safely for my posture without inflaming my condition even more. It took months of physical therapy and even at the end, when I was still weak and in pain, I knew I did everything I could do to help regain my arm strength, hand strength and, most important, an ability to work. I am now a sales representative and very pleased with what I am able to do. If it wasn't for the physical therapist who took an aggressive approach of protecting me from myself, I don't know where I would be today. I wish to thank Oakhurst Physical Therapy for helping me take care of myself and to keep a roof over my head for my family.


I had my knee joint replaced because I had too much pain when performing walking activities. I was afraid and apprehensive to move my knee after surgery. I am so happy my doctor recommended Oakhurst Physical Therapy with Tony McLean. The doctor reminded me that I needed to get my range of motion back and to be able to walk without the use of a walker. Each time I came to physical therapy, Tony worked with me and was very compassionate. When I cried, he was there giving me time to catch my breath. He has a way about himself, putting me at ease as if I wasn't going to be harmed. I want to say thank you to Tony for his patience and allowing me to return to my normal life that I didn't know for many years. I am now walking in public again, shopping, and it is a nice feeling to have my independence back. Thank you, Oakhurst Physical Therapy.